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How to Wear Bold Color.

1. Long Sleeve Tops
-Keep the bottom simple
With a bold color shirt or top, we suggest wearing a basic color bottom: Light/Dark Denim, Khaki, Navy, Black, or Grey. If it still feels like too much color, roll the sleeves up. Or, throw on a basic color jacket/blazer (see above), so only a hint of the bold color is visible. Now you can comfortably experiment with shades you haven't tried before.
2. Short Sleeves Tops

-Get away with more
With a bold color short sleeve shirt, polo, or tee, there is simply less fabric (on the sleeves) so it’s easier to pull off bolder patterns, prints and colors. What bottoms to wear with this? Go Basic: Refer to point 1.

3. Colored Pants
-Choose a more muted top
When wearing bold colored pants, keep the top simple. How does your denim jeans work well with every top you own? Because simple shades of blue compliment every color. So when selecting a top, reverse that concept and choose blues OR simple basic shades (including white,black,grey) when wearing bold colored bottoms.


4. Colored Shorts
-less fabric, more freedom
Just like short sleeve tops, there's less fabric so you can go crazy. Also, warm weather encourages more color. Summer=Color. When selecting a top refer to point 3.