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5 Reasons YOU Need to Untuck your Shirt...

 The problem:
You want to wear your shirt untucked but most men’s shirts are long and baggy and, therefore, don't look good untucked.

The Answer: 
Shorter length shirts that look best untucked. . . intentionally.

The Other Answer: 
We, at Descendant of Thieves, design shorter shirts that look best untucked. What does this mean? All of our shirts are cut shorter than your average brand so you’re a cut above the rest...Not convinced yet? 


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Here are 5 reasons why YOU need to untuck

1. Versatile
The untucked look can be casual and even sophisticated depending on how you style it.  Pair an untucked shirt with joggers and kicks for an uber casual look or with a pair of slim/straight fit Chinos like our Run & Gun fit(yeah, we just plugged our pants) and shoes for work. Whether you wear it at the office or for pleasure, don’t be surprised if you’re inexplicably pleasured at the office.


2. Comfortable
You can be the stuffy guy who is always in his baggy, oversized, tucked in shirt. OR, you can go untucked for a comfortable and sharp approach. Wearing your shirt untucked allows for easy movement without having to worry about constantly retucking.


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3. Convenient
With an untucked shirt half your outfit problems are already solved. Imagine just throwing on your shirt and leaving your estate (or house/apt). It’s that easy and convenient. Dress and go. No worry about excessive ironing because a little wrinkle actually looks good and keeps you looking effortlessly cool.   

4. Trending
Yes, trending does not always mean to follow. BUT, this approach is acceptable, current, and stylish. You would be wise to take advantage of this skillfully disheveled look... All the while impeccably disguising yourself as a sensible adult.

5. Tuck-Retuck-Repeat
You can say goodbye to all of that. We just eliminated it for you and made your life a bit more simple. As kids we would tease our perfectly uptight friends by pulling up their perfectly tucked in shirts. Each time, they would go to the washroom, put their bags down, unbutton their pants and reset: pulling out just enough fabric for movement and aesthetics. Guess what happened when they walked out of the washroom??!

To those who cross your path, an untucked shirt is a clear indicator that you know how to dress and hold your own. It shows that you pay attention to details, like fit and proportions, instead of depending on your belt to strap down your baggy shirt. YOU KNOW, sometimes it’s just better to pull out...  

The rule for you untuckers is to make sure you are wearing the right shirt that fits your body. . . oh, here comes another plug: The good people at Descendant of Thieves have tailored the length of their shirts shorter, so you look better untucked. The shirts are also made slimmer so they are not blousy at the hem. . . And we know, no guy wants to have anything “blousy” in their closet, nevermind on their body. Wear the right shirt. Don’t let the wrong shirt wear you.


Okay, here is the best part and it goes against everything we just told you! What?! The length is designed so that you can wear it tucked in as well. We give you the option (of course, this all depends on your height). It is not long enough that you will be sitting on your shirt while tucked in, but you will definitely be covered. So, if you need to be tucked in during the day. . . you can easily untuck it later.

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