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If your pants had sex with each other = Joggers

If your sweatpants and slacks happened to bump uglies this is the outcome.
To simplify it, joggers are pants with elastic cuffs at the bottom. These pants are comfortable, versatile, and typically designed for sweatpants only. This has changed.


Leave the homely at home…
Sweatpant joggers are extremely casual and should be only worn weekends or at home. Our joggers are for the world to see. Stepping out. A pair of Descendant Of Thieves’ wool blend joggers or the stretch cotton version will give you that bit of edge to take this casual outfit a step up... now you can wear it (almost) anywhere.
Word of Caution!!!
Because joggers are tighter around the ankles they really draw focus to your kicks. So get your shoe game right. Wear with sneakers and keep it causal, or put on a pair of shoes/boots and an unconstructed blazer to take it up a notch.
The 2-Way Jogger…
Ok, so you know we had to put our twist on it. We, at Descendant Of Thieves, present to you, the “2-way jogger” so you can wear it jogger or joggless. Confused?  
1. Jogger: Wear the jogger as is with the elastic rib down.
2. Joggless: Fold the elastic rib inwards to hide it and wear as a regular ‘looking’ pant. We added a cuffed hem so it’ll look natural.