4 Ways to Wear a Polo

The 4 ways to wear your polo.
1. Just wear it  
Step it up from a T-shirt to a Polo. Open a couple of buttons and throw it on for a straightforward casual look. All occasions.
2. Collar up
If you’re a practical guy who pops his collar to prevent sunburn, or if you’re just that type of guy (yes, Europeans). Our Polo collars are designed with heavier rib so you have no problem keeping it up (clean thoughts only). Don’t let your collar let you down.
3. Flip The Cuffs
We design our Polos with a pop of color hidden under each cuff. Just one fold away from a bold new look.
4. Button Up
Button it all the way up for a sophisticated twist. UK guys own this look, but it has definitely crossed the pond.
Then mix and match these styles... Even do all at once.

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