Descendant of Thieves Coffee

By: Porto Rico Importing Co.

Porto Rico Importers has been a staple Italian mom-and-pop storefront at 

201 Bleecker Street In NYC since 1907. Hands down they have the best coffee beans

 in the city & beyond (way beyond). The beans are roasted daily in the back of the shop,

 which creates an aroma that spills into the streets and stops you in your tracks.

I can't say that we opened Descendant of Thieves Bleecker shop right next store

 because of them, but I also can't say that we didn't. However, I can say that we did 

the most intellectually logical thing that one could do... make friends with them.

 This led to talks of a collaboration and then hours of backroom taste testing 

of blends with complimenting roasting techniques to create out own unique coffee. 

Porto Rico isn't good because they are old...They are old because they are good.

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