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One Pound Bag of Coffee. Please choose one of the 3 grinds listed above and Add to Cart. 

BEANS = Whole 
DRIP = Drip Grind
ESPRESSO = Espresso Grind

This is a very high-grade blend of South and Central American Arabicas that are roasted in the back room of 201 Bleecker Street, NYC. The Arabica plant, notably the first species of cultivated coffee, contains a significant amount of sugar that plays an important role in flavor, aroma, and body, which leads to better and less bitter taste.  The beans were selected from higher altitudes with warmer climates, which are optimal conditions for growing the coffee cherries. After closely monitoring the plants, the cherries are picked when ripe and the remaining seeds (AKA coffee beans) are dried out and shipped to 'the block' for the final magic to take place. The result is a rich, dark, medium body coffee, with a smooth finish... This is the good stuff. We lean on Porto Rico coffee to get us through countless late nights of design while the rest of the world sleeps. In the good words of Nasty Nasir Jones... "I never sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin death”-N.Y. State of Mind 4:54

All coffee sales are final.