navy brocade mens shorts with floral pattern
dark blue brocade men's shorts
Immoral City Brocade Short*
Immoral City Brocade Short*
Immoral City Brocade Short*
Immoral City Brocade Short*

Immoral City Brocade Short*

Sale price$285.00
Release Date: Friday, May 31 at 12:00 Noon est.

Our luxurious Immoral City Brocade Shorts, feature a single pleated relaxed fit and a stunning hand-woven brocade fabric. Crafted in limited batches, our brocade fabrics embody the essence of slow fashion, where quality reigns supreme over quantity. The fabric gives access to the inner circle of Descendant of Thieves, offering a distinctive piece that cannot be found anywhere else. Our Brocades are all handwoven by skilled artisans on narrow-width looms. Even the slightest manual adjustment of the thread tension and placement adds to the raised textured surface, enhancing the depth and dimension of the fabric. A testament to meticulous and delicate craftsmanship. The subtle sheen of the fabric is visually striking, making it a signature Descendant of Thieves style. Each garment has varying placement of the navy Jacquard base, which appears without floral patterns in certain areas, giving each piece its own unique character.

  • Zip side pocket
  • Single pleated
  • Ingredients: 100% poly brocade
  • 120 units made (# listed on inside label)
  • Single Release Item: No restock after it's sold out
  • Ships from New York City
Guaranteed Fit: If the glove don't fit, you must acquit.

Model is wearing size 31. Height 6’2"


203 Bleecker Street
247 Mulberry Street


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