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Cudo Speaker Collab

Descendant of Thieves x RareBlue

Our Creative Designer found difficulty in finding the perfect desktop speaker. So, he teamed up with the Master Craftsman of RareBlue and built a custom made Cudo Bluetooth speaker. The intention was to build a compact and portable speaker that evokes vintage elements of a bygone era but with a crisp and modern sound. The solid wood speaker is fully portable, rechargeable, and delivers a rich, warm, high-quality sound that fills a room. Our version of this speaker adds a passive radiator to the bottom of the cabinet to create a fuller sound. Finally, a speaker that is worthy enough to sit atop your desk, carried to your wet bar, and then to the back garden for an early drink.

For the audiophiles, RareBlue makes shockingly beautiful antique radios from the early 1940s and masterfully repurposes and converts them to Bluetooth Speakers. These one of a kind pieces of art convey an elegance that once symbolized wealth and sophistication. If you are going to do it, do it with style.

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Chicago 1940



New York 1941


The iconic radios and loudspeakers are repurposed as Bluetooth speakers, and are no longer functioning as radios. Old electronics remain in the cabinet but are bypassed with new electronics and drivers (speakers) for added high-definition stereo sound.