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Descendant of Thieves is a NYC based menswear brand founded by creative duo Dres Ladro and Matteo Maniatty in 2009. It's known for its razor sharp slim fits, distinct engineering, unexpected ‘quiet’ details, and limited edition runs. Each garment is designed from the inside out and marked with a distinctive blazing yellow label. Descendant of Thieves is for the fashion conscious man, who wants to look effortlessly stylish and subtly differentiate himself.





The brand name is inspired by designer Dres Ladro. The word “Ladro” translated from Italian, means thief. Thus the name, Descendant of Thieves, came to be.






Below is why we're different... wear different.

Designed from the inside out
Dres Ladro’s philosophy is that of reverse engineering—creating from the inside out, paying relentless attention to intricacies of the interior first. This led to our trademark ‘Quiet Details’ including blazing yellow finished interiors, concealed pockets, and hidden messaging. These unexpected elements of surprise are the reason why things are not always as they seam

Razor Sharp Slim Fits
We obsess over every first and last millimeter of each fit. It’s a bit old world mentality. We suggest you size up if you like your clothing to fit a bit more off the body. 

Limited Edition
Dres designs and wears his own clothing so he is forever unique. Following this formula, each item is printed with the number of units made per style as well as the items' date of birth. 






Descendant of Thieves is not interested in designing for everyone. Let the few styles in circulation go to the true individuals, the independent thinkers… those who are the needle and not the haystack. If this is not you, wear someone else’s brand. Each season we predetermine a limited number of units to be made per style (average circulating around 320 units per style). Due to these limited production runs, Descendant of Thieves is manufactured in small-scale tailor rooms rather than the conventional high output factories.





THE LOGO (hidden meaning)

The logo is a dot that represents the acronym for Descendant of Thieves (D.O.T).

...Too delve further down the rabbit hole, the logo has a double meaning. Dres was inspired by Hermann Rorschach’s physiological Inkblot test (Psycodignostik book published in 1921). The logo is a Rorschach inkblot resembling a genealogy tree and attached to the idea of being a descendant of thieves.





Operating under a pen name, designer Dres Ladro [là-dro] insists on maintaining anonymity to conceal his true identity. Like a pseudonymous author who hides between the lines of his book, Dres Ladro finds solace between the seams of his creations and prefers to keep a low personal profile.

Dres Ladro designs, constructs, and wears only his own clothing, as to never shadow anyone else’s style. This line of thinking has carried into the brand and is the reason all items produced are limited editions.

Dres’s interest in design can be traced back to his childhood. As a young boy he would sneak into his father’s closet and steal his shirts. He would de-seam and reengineer the entire garment, tailoring it to his fit. He experimented with what he called “quiet” details, including discreet pockets, hidden messages and elastic top button tabs, which now lend to the distinct identity of the brand. When Dres’ father discovered his son’s mischief he lashed out, calling him “Ladro” [Thief in Italian]. The vilified nickname stuck. To this day, his creative process descends from these younger years.

As an artist, Dres prefers to work through the quiet hours of the night in a forced state of insomnia. By playing with the delusional effects of sleep deprivation, Dres pushes himself to create garments that are not only novel in design, but are architecturally sound. Although initially reluctant, Dres was convinced to develop the Descendant of Thieves brand based on the blueprints of his uniquely engineered designs.