New York Based mens clothing company, Descendant of Thieves produces clothing in small batches only. Limited quantities for those who want to wear exclusive and artisanal clothing.

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Our products are made by hand in small batches by 12 master tailors in our workshop. By abstaining from mass production, we focus on the craftsmanship of our details while offering a limited amount of unique clothing to a limited amount of unique people.


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Long Staple 195G Black TeeLong Staple 195G Black Tee
Long Staple 195G Black Tee
Sale price$125.00
Long Staple 195G Almond TeeLong Staple 195G Almond Tee
Long Staple 195G Almond Tee
Sale price$125.00
Long Staple 195G Navy TeeLong Staple 195G Navy Tee
Long Staple 195G Navy Tee
Sale price$125.00
Long Staple 195G White TeeLong Staple 195G White Tee
Long Staple 195G White Tee
Sale price$125.00
School Daze Almond BlazerSchool Daze Almond Blazer
School Daze Almond Blazer
Sale price$480.00
School Daze Almond: Boxer Reg FitSchool Daze Almond: Boxer Reg Fit
School Daze Blazer Navy MidnightSchool Daze Blazer Navy Midnight
School Daze Navy: Boxer FitSchool Daze Navy: Boxer Fit
School Daze Navy: Boxer Fit
Sale price$245.00
Ghost Hemp NavyGhost Hemp Navy
Ghost Hemp Navy
Sale price$240.00
Ghost Hemp WhiteGhost Hemp White
Ghost Hemp White
Sale price$240.00
Descendant of Thieves Suspicious clothing package. mystery package bundle. Suspicious Package Top
Suspicious Package Top
Sale price$69.00
Descendant of Thieves Suspicious clothing package. mystery package bundle. Suspicious Package Bottom
Suspicious Package Bottom
Sale price$69.00
Flute Print Rlx FitFlute Print Rlx Fit
Flute Print Rlx Fit
Sale price$195.00
Oil On Canvas Green Rlx FitOil On Canvas Green Rlx Fit
Oil On Canvas Green Rlx Fit
Sale price$215.00
Old FlameOld Flame
Old Flame
Sale price$185.00
Sold out
Late CheckLate Check
Late Check
Sale price$185.00
Waters Run DeepWaters Run Deep
Waters Run Deep
Sale price$195.00
Modal Cloud BlackModal Cloud Black
Modal Cloud Black
Sale price$260.00
Modal Cloud WhiteModal Cloud White
Modal Cloud White
Sale price$260.00
Nara Waxed Cargo Jkt AlmondNara Waxed Cargo Jkt Almond
Nara Waxed Cargo Jkt Almond
Sale price$425.00
Nara Waxed Cargo Jkt MidnightNara Waxed Cargo Jkt Midnight
Immoral City Brocade S/S ShirtImmoral City Brocade S/S Shirt
Take Praise AzulTake Praise Azul
Take Praise Azul
Sale price$185.00
Opolo Shadow Rlx FitOpolo Shadow Rlx Fit
Opolo Shadow Rlx Fit
Sale price$195.00
Stellar Nation Brocade PonchoStellar Nation Brocade Poncho
Boxer Fit: Stellar Nation BrocadeBoxer Fit: Stellar Nation Brocade
Japanese Linen Selvedge: Boxer FitJapanese Linen Selvedge: Boxer Fit
Color PurpleColor Purple
Color Purple
Sale price$185.00
Take Praise NavyTake Praise Navy
Take Praise Navy
Sale price$185.00
Vintage Polo Brass Rlx FitVintage Polo Brass Rlx Fit
Vintage Polo Brass Rlx Fit
Sale price$225.00
Vintage Polo White Rlx FitVintage Polo White Rlx Fit
Vintage Polo White Rlx Fit
Sale price$225.00
Of Every Stripe Coral Rlx FitOf Every Stripe Coral Rlx Fit
Stripe Out Rlx FitStripe Out Rlx Fit
Stripe Out Rlx Fit
Sale price$195.00
Jokes Aside Rlx FitJokes Aside Rlx Fit
Jokes Aside Rlx Fit
Sale price$260.00
We Don't Lie Rlx FitWe Don't Lie Rlx Fit
We Don't Lie Rlx Fit
Sale price$185.00
No No CheckNo No Check
No No Check
Sale price$185.00
Mercy Tartan PlaidMercy Tartan Plaid
Mercy Tartan Plaid
Sale price$185.00
White Strand Rlx FitWhite Strand Rlx Fit
White Strand Rlx Fit
Sale price$175.00
Cocao Strand Rlx FitCocao Strand Rlx Fit
Cocao Strand Rlx Fit
Sale price$175.00
Laven Strand Rlx FitLaven Strand Rlx Fit
Laven Strand Rlx Fit
Sale price$175.00
Navy Strand Rlx FitNavy Strand Rlx Fit
Navy Strand Rlx Fit
Sale price$175.00
Black Strand Rlx FitBlack Strand Rlx Fit
Black Strand Rlx Fit
Sale price$175.00
Boxer Fit: Kargo Twill NavyBoxer Fit: Kargo Twill Navy
Boxer Fit: Kargo Twill Navy
Sale price$245.00
Boxer: Kargo Twill GreenBoxer: Kargo Twill Green
Boxer: Kargo Twill Green
Sale price$245.00
Copper Rain PonchoCopper Rain Poncho
Copper Rain Poncho
Sale price$485.00
Problematic Brocade BomberProblematic Brocade Bomber
Problematic Brocade Bomber
Sale price$525.00
Space Air Cognac HoodieSpace Air Cognac Hoodie
Space Air Cognac Hoodie
Sale price$285.00
Boxer Fit: Cognac Space Air KnitBoxer Fit: Cognac Space Air Knit

Love thy neighbor, but dammit, don't dress like them.


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