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Death of the Garment District

Before the mid-nineteenth century, most Americans made their own clothing. With the invention of the sewing machine in the 1950s and new industrial processes, "ready-to-wear" garments quickly became popular. New York City's Garment District soon became the epicenter of American-made products and, at one point, supplied more than 50% of the nation's clothing. As wages increased, the Garment District suffered tremendously from production moving out of town. It is now a shadow of its former self. Fortunately, we found an existing generational family business that specializing in artisan craftsmanship. They perfectly align with our ethos of creating specialized pieces in small batches. With our two NYC stores, it is essentially Farm-to-Table.

Garment District

Garment District

203 Bleecker Street NYC
247 Mulberry Street NYC